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Sean Tucker…..“As Seen on Oprah” 

Everyone at Infinity-Entertainment Inc. is very excited about Sean Tucker’s appearance on the Oprah Windfrey Show this Thursday, so set your VCR’s!! As you all might know, Sean is a very good friend of ours, the team and more specifically Ken Erickson, our pilot and Sean’s chief pilot. So we are all very proud! Sean has broken so many boundaries in the aviation space and more specifically the air show industry these past few years.

This is also a huge first for the airshow world! Last year Sean made it on Good Morning America, that in itself was seen as a big deal and one of the higher profile publicity events for Sean’s career.

As an FYI, The Oprah program is viewed by more than 20 million Americans (USA) every week and broadcast internationally to more than one hundred and twenty countries worldwide. The valuation of this exposure would most likely surpass the cost of Sean’s sponsorship for the past 4-5 years. Talk about ROI for Oracle.

Sean’s success continues to demonstrate the viability and huge opportunity the airshow space represents to agencies of record and corporate sponsors. Awesome Sean, great job and congratulations!!!

-Team Turbine Toucan

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