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Turbine Toucan Screenshots from Microsoft Flight Simulator X 

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Turbine Toucan Goes Virtual!!! 
Infinity Entertainment



The Turbine Toucan takes flight Virtually

SAN CARLOS, California – October 1, 2010 – Infinity Entertainment Inc. and FSD-International join forces to bring the Turbine Toucan, the highest performance biplane in history, to the virtual world.

The Turbine Toucan represents the highest thrust to weight ratio aircraft in the world today, including any current jet fighter in the U.S. arsenal. At a ratio of 1.65:1, The Turbine Toucan can not only hover but also accelerate vertically. The record breaking performance demonstrated by the Turbine Toucan will open the world to aerobatic maneuvers never performed or witnessed before.

“What makes taking the Turbine Toucan virtual so exciting is it gives people the opportunity to be inventive and create maneuvers that have never been performed before. Instead of emulating what has been done in the real world, Microsoft Flight Sim pilots have the opportunity to break boundaries and be creatively expressive in the process” says Infinity Entertainment CEO David Kervinen.

Founded in 1992, Infinity Entertainment Inc. is a multi-faceted Entertainment and Event Marketing Company dedicated to providing highly differentiated, ROI driven, world-class experiences. Our management consists of innovative, best-of-breed creatives who have years of hands-on experience managing, positioning, developing and executing awareness for some of the world's leading brands.

Also founded in 1992, FSD International, Inc. is one of the first developers of add-ons in the Microsoft Flight Simulator online community of hobbyists. Beginning with version 4 of Flight Simulator, the developers of FSD have been creating premium quality aircraft, accurate flight models, cockpits, aircraft systems and scenery for almost 20 years now. The mission of FSD has always been to provide the highest quality add-ons, introducing cutting edge technology on many occasions over the years, yet provide these products at a reasonable price. FSD also has a reputation of not only supporting its customers, but also, in updating products with improvements and forward compatibility for new versions of Flight Simulator when they come along. FSD has always been very accessible to its customers and is very responsive to its customers in terms of product improvements and new product development.

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Welcome True-Course Aviation Insurance Services!! 


We’d like to take this time to introduce our latest sponsor True-Course Aviation Insurance Services. These guys are a class act! They service airlines, FBO’s as well as private aircraft owners. Check them out if you get the chance at www.true-course.com! We are excited to have them onboard!

Well, we have had one very busy stretch over the past six months. We’ve provided brand strategy and development for two of the Internet’s most successful games, Farmville and Mafia Wars. Both games are developed by Zynga, a San Francisco based company. As we wrap up that work, we are starting to work on even more exciting opportunities with a few household brands.

Over the weekend we had the wonderful honor of hosting the crew of Aluminum Overcast, EAA’s B-17G which is campaigned all over the USA. They drove all the way to KSQL to see and visit with the Turbine Toucan team members, a great day it was. If you get the chance to fly with them, I would HIGHLY recommend it, this opportunity won’t be around forever and it’s a wonderful experience.

Now that the our workload is no longer at full capacity, we will continue to actively develop our marketing communication packaging for the Turbine Toucan for the 2011 season. We’re now in the midst of setting up more sales meetings with CMO’s now that we have turned the corner economically speaking.

Thanks for visiting and sorry for the radio silence this past few months, we had been REALLY busy.

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Infinity Entertainment Continues to Stay Busy Despite Sponsorship Challenges  
Greetings All,

Been way to long since our last post. We’ve been working on developing brand work for Zynga here in San Francisco. The marketing communication arm of our company has been doing extremely well and is busy as heck. This continues to bolster our enthusiasm that the market conditions are slowly improving! I think we have a ways to go before experiential marketing makes any kind of sustainable return.

I am encouraged to see a few articles about sponsorship marketing and titles such as “ROI or DIE” . This is something that we’ve been preaching for some time and something that most in the air show world have little to NO clue about. There are a handful of folks that do “get it” but a majority have little to no marketing background to make any such required claim to get any substantial deals.

As for the Turbine Toucan, it continues to do very well and we are looking at a few commercial deals which might get us some fantastic exposure without letting to much out of the bag regarding its aerobatic potential.

At some point we’d like to share what Ken Erickson and Sean Tucker are up to these days, really exciting stuff which I think you’d all be interested in hearing. I’ll have to see if he’d be willing to share with all of us.

Can’t wait to share the work we’ve been doing, it should be going public fairly soon and another huge launch in June!

Thanks again for visiting and your continued support!

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Happy Holidays from Infinity Entertainment & Team Turbine Toucan 
Greetings and Happy Holidays!

We continue to be swamped with work, mostly in the marketing and brand arena the past few months. Working with Chiat|Day has been a real pleasure.

For all you facebook fanatics, we have been doing a great deal of work for a company called Zynga. If you are not familiar with them I will give you a hint, the have 5 of the top 9 applications on facebook. Still don’t know them? OK, have you heard of Farmville and Mafia Wars? Zynga is the company behind the most successful online games in history, and they have done it in very short order!

Infinity Entertainment continues to have the pleasure of working with some of the brightest, most talented people in Silicon Valley. I have never seen such a concentration of talent in my many years in the valley. This is the company to watch!

As the market continues to generate positive momentum (though slow), we are very encouraged about the opportunities to partner up with the right company for the Turbine Toucan.

Ken Erickson remains VERY busy with Sean Tucker and team as the team is now readying for the 2010 airshow season.

Everyone at Infinity Entertainment wishes you all the very best this Holiday Season!

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Staying Busy.... 

Infinity Entertainment has been busy working on a host of projects for our core clientele the past few months. We are excited to be working with Chiat|Day on an upcoming project. For those of you who are not familiar with Chiat|Day, they are the agency of record for Apple Computers, Sony Playstation, Nissan, Absolut Vodka and Visa just to name a few. World-Class creative we might add!

Though we have worked with many agencies over the years, we have never worked with Chiat|Day, so it should be a fun experience. As soon as the project goes public we’ll tell you all about it. In the mean time, we continue to work the process for finding new opportunities for the Turbine Toucan now that the economy has somewhat stabilized. It’s still not in a good place, many incredible people with talent are still unemployed and that included a great deal of collogues in the marketing space.

More to come soon, thanks for stopping by!

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Sean Tucker…..“As Seen on Oprah” 

Everyone at Infinity-Entertainment Inc. is very excited about Sean Tucker’s appearance on the Oprah Windfrey Show this Thursday, so set your VCR’s!! As you all might know, Sean is a very good friend of ours, the team and more specifically Ken Erickson, our pilot and Sean’s chief pilot. So we are all very proud! Sean has broken so many boundaries in the aviation space and more specifically the air show industry these past few years.

This is also a huge first for the airshow world! Last year Sean made it on Good Morning America, that in itself was seen as a big deal and one of the higher profile publicity events for Sean’s career.

As an FYI, The Oprah program is viewed by more than 20 million Americans (USA) every week and broadcast internationally to more than one hundred and twenty countries worldwide. The valuation of this exposure would most likely surpass the cost of Sean’s sponsorship for the past 4-5 years. Talk about ROI for Oracle.

Sean’s success continues to demonstrate the viability and huge opportunity the airshow space represents to agencies of record and corporate sponsors. Awesome Sean, great job and congratulations!!!

-Team Turbine Toucan

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Moving Forward....... 
Well I must owe every one an apology for the very long silence and not updating the blog. Infinity Entertainment has been busy working with a few new clients on some corporate identity projects that we’ll be able to talk about shortly. This is a very exciting company that is literally on fire!

So the good news is that Susan Cress has seen a lot of activity in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry (primarily Fortune 500 companies) with regard to ramping up ad spending. She is heavily involved in consumer insights with many Fortune 1000 companies, so she really does have a pulse in consumer marketing world.

We are resuming our efforts to find the perfect fit with regard to a title sponsor now that we are starting to see some reasonable trends going on.

Ken is actively working on his low level waver with the Turbine Toucan, which is exciting because that means we have to have our routine worked out. So, we’re optimistic. It’s been painful to be on the sidelines last year but the market/economy just wouldn’t cooperate.

We have obtained a few more technology sponsors as well.

More to come in the next few weeks. Thanks for hanging in there with us, we really appreciate the loyalty!!!

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Air Show Attendance Continues to Defy The Economy (from AeroNews Network) 
Attendance Numbers On Pace For A 20 Percent Boost Over 2008!!!

In spite of ... or some say maybe because of ... the recession, hundreds of thousands of people are finding out what we already know. Air Shows are just a whole lot of fun. Two months into the heart of the 2009 air show season, the industry continues to witness a trend first noticed last summer when air shows collectively saw a 10-15 percent increase in spectator attendance compared with 2007. Across the board, air shows are reporting strong attendance, with many - if not most - seeing all-time record attendance.

"Every week, we hear from more shows who have been challenged to deal with overflowing crowds and also from performers who have never seen such large crowds at specific venues," said John Cudahy, president of the International Council of Air Shows. "I've worked at ICAS for 12 years and this is a phenomenon I've never seen. At this point, we're thinking we'll have an overall 20 percent increase over last year. When you look at all the empty seats at baseball games or at NASCAR races, it's quite a contrast."

Jim Breen is president of the California-based Umbrella Entertainment Group, which works with 20 air shows each year and says he has never seen such consistent attendance increases across the board. "There are some outlier shows where the attendance is really off the charts," he said, "but when you pull those out, it still looks like everything else is up about 13 percent on average." Breen singled out shows at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland, NAS New Orleans, and Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, DC as examples of shows that have hosted record or near-record crowds during the last several weeks.

Talk to more air show professionals and you'll hear similar stories…

"We had the largest show we've had since I've been involved, which is since 1999," said Rebecca March, Manager of the NAS Patuxent River Air Show, held May 23-24 in Maryland. "We had more than a 10 percent increase over 2008. We expected a good turnout, but this many people was a very pleasant surprise."

"With total attendance in excess of 70,000, this was our largest show in the 18-year history of the event," said Colonel Larry Gallogly with the Rhode Island National Guard Air Show in North Kingstown, Rhode Island on June 27 and 28. "We used every parking spot available to us and put more spectators on the ramp than we ever have before."

"It was the largest attendance in our 29-year history," said Fred Buckingham, chairman of the Florida International Show, held March 21-22 in Punta Gorda. Buckingham estimated 2009 attendance at 65,000, a substantial increase of more than 18 percent over the previous record of 55,000.

"We were expecting lower attendance than last year because of a bad weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday," said George Gorman, Manager of the New York Air Show at Jones Beach, held May 23-24. "Instead, we had a total of 407,000 spectators, and that even was with fog that delayed the Sunday show for 2-1/2 hours and a major traffic snarl on the east part of Long Island. We were barely off our all-time record, which is amazing considering everything that was working against us."

"I would say the attendance was more than double at this Hemet Air Show from the last time they had a show two years ago," said Susan Newman of Harrison Air Shows, an air show performance team. "Same goes for the Chino Airshow, which was two weekends before. When we took our golf cart from the pit to the VIP tent, it was nearly elbow-to-elbow and we barely could get through and that was the case at both shows."
"We expected between 32,000 and 34,000 spectators for the entire weekend," said Major Doug Bodine, director of the Ellsworth Air Force Base Air Show near Rapid City, South Dakota, held May 30-31. "We had more than that by the end of Saturday and finished the show on Sunday with total attendance of 51,200…our largest air show ever."

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Turbine Toucan Makes Appearance at Hiller Aviation's All Helicopter Show "Vertical Challenge 2009" 

Greetings All,
This past weekend was another small little milestone for Infinity Entertainment, and it all happened serendipitously. Hiller Aviation Museum was having its annual Vertical Challenge Airshow at hour home airport in San Carlos Ca. It is the US’s largest all helicopter show with civilian and military hardware just about everywhere.

The day before the one-day event one of the guys at Hiller Aviation asked if I would be interested in leaving my hangar open to display the Turbine Toucan. I gave it some thought and figured what the heck. This was actually the first time the Turbine Toucan would be exposed to the general public. Unlike the AOPA show in San Jose, which focuses on like-minded aviation professionals and pilots, the Vertical Challenge really is a family event. Most know little to nothing about aviation, they just want to be entertained.

So, this was a great test to see if all our marketing insight and gut feeling was right. And it was. Women and children absolutely went crazy over the cute, colorful biplane. Men were drawn to it based on shear performance and aesthetics. It was a huge sense of validation for us as well.

As we have discussed before, the whole idea behind the Toucan theme was to cater to a very neglected airshow demographic that represents almost 48% of at venue attendees, women and children. It also happens to be a theme that is easily remembered and recognizable.

When I committed to display the Toucan, I figured I would have a small peppering of interest compared to all the military hardware, just across from my hanger. Well, turns out there were a huge flow of people coming to the hangar non-stop. I have never been so tired. Nine straight hours of standing and talking to people about the plane.

The enthusiasm was extremely high from pilots and even higher from people who could not believe a biplane could hover. We had at least eight families come back a second time because their child wanted to see the Toucan again. I’ve never seen so many non aviation women so drawn to the plane (ok, they did have children with them), they genuinely seemed to find it sleek and cute all at the same time.

Vertical challenge is a very small show but It really was a magical time making such strong connections with people on such a visceral level. Nothing warms my heart more then inspiring people, and I think we did that on Saturday.


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2010 Title Pursuit to Start in July 

It certainly has been a very difficult past year for the entire country, let alone Infinity Entertainment. We managed to weather the storm fairly well, clamped down on spending and focus on doing what ever it takes to keep our basic infrastructure in place so we have a future. To date, it seemed to have paid off. As of July, we will be aggressively pursuing a title sponsor for the 2010 airshow season. It requires significant resources to do but we feel the timing is good. Improvements in the collective American psyche regarding the economy have people fairly optimistic and that includes Infinity Entertainment. We have reached out to a few bellwether Fortune 1000 clients of ours who echo our sentiments.

The 2009 airshow season is now well on its way with very favorable attendance records considering the economic conditions. Historically, in down turns in the economy, airshows seem to do very well. Some has to do with the cost/value proposition and some has to do with it being a family affair. At any rate, this is a season we wish we were part of. Nothing could be more frustrating than to have a highly anticipated, high dollar asset sitting in a hangar awaiting its debut. It a frustration the entire team seems to share.

As always, we will continue to share our journey of securing a title sponsor with all of you. We want to thank you all for your continued support for the past eighteen months, it is such a boost to the entire team. Thank you.

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LA Times: Air shows deliver adrenaline without bleeding family budgets 
Now and then the air show industry gets a much needed shot in the arm. This time, the LA Times writer Martin Zimmerman does a wonderful job of illustrating how well air shows do in an economic downturn. I think John Cudahy has done a wonderful job of getting the word out and picking up enough interest that the LA Times would follow up on it.

This is just the kind of story that helps to substantiate our story when we talk with our clientele. I think it is a worthy read! Check it out at

http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-a ... 0657.story

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Latest Update..... 
Greetings Again,
We are extremely sorry for the length of time between posts. We’ve been laying low waiting for some sign of the economy starting to improve before we venture back out and spend a great deal of resources making a sponsorship happen. Mean while, Infinity Entertainment has been focused on working with our core clients in a marketing communications capacity. Based on conversations with our client base, it does appear that we are bouncing around the bottom economically, so we are encouraged about the future where we should have some pent up demand.

We have had several companies reengage with us over the past few weeks which is a good sign but they were also very cautious to say that they plan on doing nothing until revenues are up and solid recovery is in play. We’ve had several companies interested in licensing as well as a few agencies looking at incorporating the Toucan in a few new ads, so we’ll see how that goes.

Ken Erickson (our chief pilot) has been busy as heck flying 7 days a week with Sean Tucker, so we’re happy that he is staying extremely busy. After talking with Sean for about a half hour a few weeks back, his school continues to be booked solid in perhaps the most economical challenging times in more then forty years. A great deal of the students are International now, but none the less that is still amazing. GO Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety!

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Just When I Open My Mouth...... 
Greetings Everyone,
I was just speaking less then a week ago about not hearing anything about the Airshow industry’s effects from a serious down turning economy when I heard that Wings over Pittsburg has cancelled its show. They don’t give any reason but I am sure it has a lot to do with the required community support (crowd control/police/misc event costs). It is very sad news, for the industry and especially for the Pittsburg community.

With dwindling tax revenues, I’m very surprised we haven’t seen more to date, granted it is only March 2st.

Casualties so far:

2009 Freedom Airshow at Goshen Airport is cancelled

2009 Cape Giralrdeau Airshow Missouri

2009 Wings over Owensboro, Ky Cancelled

2009 Millville NJ Airshow Cancelled

2009 Minnesota Air Spectacular (Mankato Regional Airport) Cancelled

2009 Wings over Pittsburg

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Even Tiger Wood's Return Can't Cure Golf's Ills, So What's Next for Airshows? 
Welcome Back!
As you know, we are very keen on the event/entertainment markets from a marketing perspective. After all, that is what Infinity Entertainment does. Last week we were talking about the effects of the market relating to NASCAR. This week seems to be more of the same, just this time it is Golf. And the effects are substantial. This is another worthwhile read for those interested in event marketing. It's sobering.


Anyway, we literally get hundreds of emails asking why our program is still not sponsored and why we won't be on the 2009 airshow circuit. Though we like to think we have one hell of a neat airplane, a great pilot and a highly differentiated entertainment package compared to any other airshow property; the net of it is, we are in the worst recession I have seen in my 48 years of being on the planet.

And yet you look around the air show industry and you don't see or hear a thing. ICAS isn't reporting on it. None of the industry pubs talk much about it. Baffling really.

Perhaps there is something to an earlier rant about this industry being HIGHLY subsidized by air show performers (god bless them!!). Perhaps. Which has always been part of the debate about the legitimacy of the industry. After all, industries are driven by capitalism, which is about making money. And yet, only a few (I'm talking people, not companies) seem to even break even in this business (did I just call it a business?), which just seems so wrong to me. And then you consider the risks involved (as a performer) and it just doesn't compute. Shouldn't risk some how be connected to compensation?

Kind of hard to call it an "industry" when nobody makes any money don't you think? People in my circle call it a hobby, it's hard to argue the point. Well this is a rat hole I don't want to go down because I think I would offend a lot of people, but I do find the topic interesting. We wouldn't be involved if we didn't think the industry had a great deal of potential, and it does. Perhaps that is a topic worth reviewing at some point.

Most importantly, I hope that you all are keeping your heads above water and still have jobs. Our core client base has cut way back and we certainly are feeling a great deal of pain, so we can sympathize if this down turn as adversely effected you.

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