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We are intent on creating both a highly differentiated performance in the air as well as on the ground! Ultimately, we want to create an environment where air show fans will have access to not only to the aircraft but to the pilot and the entire team. This is the level of entertainment and equipment that is expected at almost every big motor sport event, so why should air shows be any different!

The foundation to our “at venue” experience starts with our custom hospitality tractor-trailer. This is a custom built trailer designed by the legendary Craftsmen industries in St. Louis. The trailer started its life as a new 53’ single drop air ride Kentucky trailer. The roof is completely reinforced to accommodate up to 20 VIP’s guests and includes an interior spiral staircase and hatch for the best seats at the show. Next is the addition of a 4-point hydraulic leveling system. A 25ft door was installed on the driver side of the trailer for hospitality. With the foundation laid, the next addition is a Cummins powered Onan 40KW 3phase generator with 200 amp service on either end of the trailer. Also included in the trailer is a crew/conference room with 4x8 window and air conditioning. Last is a complete storage solution for the team which includes a large area behind the crew room and full length belly boxes.

The trailer comes complete with a high speed satellite uplink by Motosat and a full blown PA/audio system. Custom branded awnings are the final touch to making this the ultimate at venue experience for our title sponsor.

Cessna Grand Caravan

Hospitality Tractor Trailer

Hospitality Tractor Trailer

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