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Silver Parachute Sales & Service is dedicated to providing in-depth, personal parachute service to aerobatic and glider pilots around the world.



David Kervinen  Team Owner
David comes to Infinity Entertainment with over 25 years of Entertainment Marketing experience. His background included pioneering developments in the feature film and television space. He is most notable for his work as both a creative director and brand consultant. David's clients include The Walt Disney Co., NBC TV, Landor Assoc., Efilm, Oracle, Warner Bros.. and Discovery Channel Pictures.
Ken Erickson  Chief Pilot/Airshow Pilot
Ken is the world's premiere Aerobatic instructor. Ken's full time duties will include operations and logistics for the airshow campaign. Ken will act as the primary pilot of the Turbine Toucan. Ken continues to work as Chief Pilot for the legendary Sean D. Tucker. Ken's career also includes working with Wayne Handley. He is not only a CFi but holds an FAA Inspection Authorization credential.
Richard Pfeifer  Technical Advisor
Richard comes to us with perhaps the richest aviation experience of anyone on the team. He has over 35,000 hours in over 350 types of aircraft. Richard retired UAL as Captain of the 747-400. He was instrumental in the development of the Christen Eagle as well as the Turbine Toucan. Richard is also an accomplished aerobatic pilot and master mechanic.
Dave Morss  Test Pilot/Airshow pilot
Dave is one of aviations leading test pilots and will lead the test program of the Turbine Toucan with first flight duties. Dave has over 27,000 hours logged in over 300 types of aircraft. Dave has raced at the National Championship Air Races for 24 years competing in Biplane, Formula One, Sport Class and Unlimited. He is the three- time Sport Class Gold Champion. Dave is a two-time recipient of the Pulizter Aviation Award for speed records in Sport Class.
Hartmut Beil  Interactive Project Manager
Hartmut comes to us with over 10 years of experience in various internet rolls. Prior to working in the internet, Hartmut was an extremely accomplished automotive photographer in Germany. He has worked for AltaVista, Yahoo and Monster.com to name a few. He is also a talented pilot. Hartmut will continue to expand his roll as we get closer to rolling out the 2009 airshow season.

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