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Infinity Entertainment Inc. is multi-faceted Entertainment and Event Marketing company dedicated to providing immersive brand experiences. We develop highly differentiated, result driven programs. Our management and employees consists of innovative, best of breed creatives who have years of hands-on experience managing, positioning, developing and executing awareness for some of the world's leading brands.


The company made its start with a radical new live entertainment concept for Walt Disney's Epcot Center, back in 1984. After 18 months of development, the show never made production. But all was not lost. In the process of developing this brand new form of entertainment, Infinity Entertainment designed and built the first ever, wireless MIDI transceivers. The company was also the first ever to use the expressive data from the MIDI protocol to dynamically control lighting, lasers and just about anything that could be controlled digitally.

Many of the concepts designed by Infinity Entertainment were ultimately used on another Disney production spectacular called “Fantasmic”. Pioneering park wide audio concepts also made its way to Euro Disney, better known today as Disneyland Paris.

As the digital domain slowly emerged in Hollywood post production, so did Infinity Entertainment. The company designed user interfaces for companies like Digital F/X, Pinnacle Systems, Kodak- Cineon, Silicon Graphics Alias|Wavefront and CIS Hollywood. Infinity Entertainment's founder has received two Emmy's for outstanding technical achievement.

The company continued to evolve into more and more of a creative force. Armed with exceptional technical expertise, it made the transition to creating digital optical visual FX a natural.

Company Founder's Credits include:

Motion Picture: Last Action Hero, Muppet Christmas Carol, Honey I Blew-up the Kids, Dave, Ghost, Children of the Corn, Hard Target, Little Rascals, Surf Ninja's, Coneheads, Man's Best Friend, Alive, Africa's Elephant Kingdom (IMAX film), and the Warner Bros. animated logo (family version w/Bugs Bunny)

Television: Star Trek-The Next Generation (4-seasons), Star Trek-Deep Space Nine, Viper, Northern Exposure and The X-Files.

Ground breaking, graphical story telling techniques through complex Visual FX made Infinity Entertainment a design pioneer in the new age of digital media. Being early adopters, Infinity entertainment saw the Internet as a natural evolution to our comprehensive, time-based design expertise. And by the year 1999, the company's founder had designed two of the top Internet portals of the time, AltaVista and GE's NBC Internet.

Fascinated with the intellectual aspects of design, the company continued to focus on blending its entertainment heritage with its strong marketing/marketing communication expertise. It was the blend of these disciplines that created a new concept in brand development called Temporal Branding™. It was this very concept that intrigued the world's premiere brand consultancy, Landor Associates in San Francisco. Infinity Entertainment worked on five different projects with Landor including the brand revitalization for bp (British Petroleum), Eli Lilly, and RCN Network.

Infinity Entertainment continues to push the boundaries of entertainment marketing through immersive brand experiences such as the Turbine Toucan. And it is the Turbine Toucan that propelled the company into the air show industry.


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